Event Details - Third Shift


  • Start Date: Friday August 19
  • End Date:
  • Start Time: 12:00PM
  • Location: Uptown Saint John
  • Phone Number:
  • Event Website: Website


A celebration of art throughout uptown Saint John.

A series of physical installations of artworks scattered throughout the uptown area for people to go visit on their own time, as well as a series of digital programming such as live-streamed performances on social media.

This year’s THIRD SHIFT exhibition features work by local, national and international artists. Established in 2015, THIRD SHIFT aims to offer citizens a unique opportunity to engage with contemporary art and re-imagine their city. THIRD SHIFT is completely FREE of charge and for all to enjoy.

Third Shift, presented by Third Space Gallery, aims to inspire Saint John residents to reimagine their city, reclaim vacant and under-utilized areas and engage with the surroundings of the uptown built environment.

Participating artists will reflect on the area’s cultural landscape and historic architecture to develop their projects and exhibit the works.

Third Shift will highlight the work of emerging and established artists who cross disciplines and boundaries in their examinations of contemporary culture. All activities established by Third Shift are free and open to the public.